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The lies of the Deep web

Lies that are said of the Deep web
Free deep web
Free deep web

1- There are layers or levels of difficulty to enter the sites: There are no layers or levels in the Deep web, that's just a myth.

2 - You have to be a hacker or expert to enter a website: You do not need to be a hacker or have an expert level in computer to access the content of the Deep web.

3- The Deep web is 96% of the internet: The Deep web is not 96% of the internet, so see represent 5 or 10 percent of the entire existing network.

4- That there is information of secret services: Governments are not stupid, they would never leave secret information in the Deep web of easy access, maybe some government information has been leaked, but that does not mean that they hide information there, so what would they do ?, the secret services have their own network through which they browse, and through that network no secret is filtered because the machines that contain secrets are not connected to the internet.

5 - That there is a layer called web mariana: The marianas webs does not exist, it is a myth, or a story, there is no site that to enter you have to decipher a code, they are pure lies.

Deep web can be used for evil or for good, it is important to see both sides, we must be realistic, we must live with anonymity, there will be more and more anonymity, anonymity also has absolutely understandable reasons, we all have rights to our communications are anonymous.

The darknet is used more and more by human rights activists who suffer persecution, and more and more people use TOR and encrypted internet because they want to protect themselves from surveillance when they are on the line. This is the idea of ​​the deep web and every day is more popular.

The logical thing is that you use the Deep web as a mode of data protection. The information expressed here is for informational purposes.

Deep web and dark web

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