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Mailpile - Free deep web
Mailpile - Free deep web

Mailpile is an e-mail client!
Mailpile is a search engine and a personal webmail server.
Mailpile is an easy way to encrypt your e-mail.

Mailpile is software you run yourself, on your own computer. 

Mailpile is an effort to reclaim private communication on the Internet. A project to rescue our personal lives from the proprietary cloud and prevent our conversations from being strip-mined for corporate profit and government surveillance. Mailpile is taking e-mail back. Mailpile is a service widely used in deep web and dark web.

Born out of a belief that everyone deserves privacy and respect, Mailpile aims to provide an answer to the question: "How can I protect my privacy online?"

Mailpile is a big job, but we are making steady progress. Please feel welcome to read about our work so far, browse our source code or check out our community. If you like what you see, maybe you can lend a hand! 

Link: http://clgs64523yi2bkhz.onion or https://www.mailpile.is (Copy and paste in the address bar)

Status: online

Some sites on the deep web or the dark werb do not enter temporarily, but this does not mean that they are unsubscribed. If you could not enter, try again another day.

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