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Blockchain gives 25 dollars in XLM

Stellar Lumens - Free deep web
Stellar Lumens - Free deep web

What is Stellar Lumens? (XLM)

This is a platform developed based on a chain of blocks, which aims to facilitate transactions between different kinds of currencies.

The project is still in its initial stages, although many banks have shown interest in the new technology. This has caused the price of Stellar Lumen to increase dramatically in recent months.

We’re starting with Stellar because its network is built for scalability. Its token, XLM, enables quick, low cost, worldwide transactions, even when millions of people are using it at once. Stellar can even create custom tokens representing real-world or virtual goods and services. Lastly, Stellar has a world class development community and a vibrant, functioning ecosystem.

So, how will this work? Head to this page to create your wallet and claim your XLM. Once you have been verified and receive the airdrop, they will send you an XLM value of $ 25.

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