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Trick to enter the deep web

Trick to enter the deep web with any browser

This is a simple trick that demonstrates that any web browser can interpret ".onion" domains. Google and other browsers can also track deep web or dark web sitesThis practice is not recommended, as it represents a safety hole in navigationYou would be exposed to reveal your ip, and you would also be exposed to script attacks, surface network browsers are not protected against these types of attacks. Everything is under your responsibility, and it is vital that you know the risks of using this type of navigation.

The trick is very simple, you just have to add the ".ly" extension to the end of any ".onion" url.

Example: http://auutwvpsmeeopjrd.onion.ly

This shows that if it is possible to enter the deep web without using tor.
It also shows that the deep web is traceable by the spiders of conventional search enginesThis trick was successfully tested in browsers: Internet explorer, chrome, Firefox Mozilla and Opera. With this it is demonstrated that the deep web is accessible by any browser, and the myth that search engines cannot track the ".onions" domains is demolished.

Deep web and dark web

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