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Kilos search engine

Kilos search engine - free deep web
Kilos search engine - free deep web

Kilos is a search engine for the dark web or deep web, with highly advanced technology, and searches within the darknet markets. Kilos is the search engine that will replace the Grams search engine. Kilos search engine contains a chat, a bitcoin mixer, and a monero exchange. In numbers, Kilos enables the user to search across six big darknet marketplaces and six popular forums.

The search algorithm has been updated again. Searches are now much faster than before, and the default shipping options are back to Any/Any instead of US/US. This was implemented as a fix for slow search times, but is no longer necessary. 

Krumble - Kilos bitcoin mixer in de deep web. What makes Krumble special?
In the past, bitcoin mixers have fallen for the common trap (which so many deep web markets also fall for) of not enforcing security for their users properly. In the same way that a customer failing to encrypt their address places the vendor at risk, the mixers of old placed their customers at risk by not enforcing security procedures.
Krumble randomizes transaction fees (on the bitcoin network), commission fees (inside of Krumble), and enforces a randomized transation delay to increase anonymity. The more coins that are currently being tumbled, the more anonymous each user of Krumble is. Krumble also operates only over Tor, unlike some of the more well-known coin mixing companies, and by doing so it places itself out of reach from "know your customer" (KYC) regulations that could force us to deanonymize your transaction.

Link: http://dnmugu4755642434.onion  (Copy and paste in the address bar)

Status: online

Some sites on the deep web or the dark werb do not enter temporarily, but this does not mean that they are unsubscribed. If you could not enter, try again another day.

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